I’m a self-taught artist local to Kings Heath, Birmingham and have been painting ever since I can remember. I am inspired by the play of colour and take a lot of inspiration  from the outside and the natural world. In addition to the creative life, my hobbies include backpacking, hiking and camping and I aim to reflect my love of nature in my work.



All the paintings are created using a unique mix of emulsion and acrylic on canvas. The backgrounds are all striking and colourful against the silhouetted images. The paintings for sale on the website are designs and images that have stood out for me, however if you have a specific image in mind then they can be commissioned separately. I do commissions from photographs, turning them into paintings using my trademark silhouette approach. I’ve done commissions of everything from pets, weddings, and family portraits with a twist.

Enjoy browsing the site, and please do get in contact if you have any queries or feedback.


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