Tracey Heaver and Matt Jackson 2012

“Phill is a phenomenal and talented artist. We are delighted to own a number of his paintings. Each painting is unique and evokes a sense of serenity and emotion. Phill has tailored some of his paintings to include personal touches that are important to us adding a real sense of meaning whenever we look at the paintings.”

Nathan Collins 2012

“Philip Brewer has managed to capture beauty in simplicity. One particular piece that caught my eye was a silhouette of a mermaid. While this concept has been done before, Philip has painted a striking oceanic scene that captures the imagination with an original view point. Wonderful balance of light and shade draws the eye to the figure of an elegant mermaid. I bought this painting as a gift for my daughter but I now plan on returning for another of Philips paintings as a gift to myself.”

Andrew Staples 2013

“Although I am normally very good at articulating my thoughts, I’m finding it hard on this occasion.  Your work is fantastic, thank you for capturing a very precious memory.”